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This Facebook Seminar is definitely OPEN

Computer problems have listed this class as closed.

This is not correct.

Our Facebook Seminar is very OPEN. 

Join the approximately 70 people already signed up for this Facebook Group.

When we reach critical mass of 100 people

ready to discuss safeguards for life-ending decisions,

we will begin.


James Park, EXCO facilitator.

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Join our on-going discussion on Facebook

Organ Donation After Execution 

illustrates the openness of the Experimental Community of the Twin Cities. 

There might be only a few people who would even consider this,

but it shows that even far-out classes can be offered. 

There are already 106 people on the Facebook Page

that is discussing this book one chapter per month. 

And newcomers are welcome to join at any time.

If and when you join during 2014,

you can read and comment on chapters already presented. 

Minnesota does not have the death penalty,

but this is a world-wide discussion group. 

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Yes this Facebook Seminar is open

If the EXCO listing for this class still says "closed" this is a computer error.

This EXCO class and the Facebook Seminar are very open for new people.

If the EXCO computer will not allow you to click to join, 

you can go directly to our Facebook Group, linked above. 

What other people do you know (anywhere on Earth)

who believe in the right-to-die with careful safeguards?

Invite them also to become involved in this forward-looking movement

to improve the process of dying.


James Park, EXCO facilitator

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No Gods, no people?

In light of that fact that people are staying away from this class in droves,
the beginning has been postponed until June 2013 at the earliest.
Do you know of any ready-made group that would like to discuss these themes?
If so, perhaps so-sponsorship would help to gather enough seekers
to make this a meaingful discussion.

Write to me directly:
James Park
[email protected]

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Class postponed while we gather more people interested in sex.

Hello readers of this EXCO course description,

Even tho 51 people have signed up for this class,
only 4 people planning to attend as of 3-3-2013.
Because we need at least 10 people for a lively discussion,
Imprinted Sexual Fantasies was postponed
until some additional people discover this seminar on sex.

New people just discovering this class
are encouraged to click to join at any time.

And any readers of this note
can begin reading any of the recommended books
while they wait for the seminar to begin.

You might invite others you know.

In any case,
stay on the list if you are still interested in sex.

James Leonard Park,
EXCO facilitator and author of the text.

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