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Activist/Militant Research in the Twin Cities

Are you a leftist activist?  Would you like to do collaborative research that helps your activism? Are you open to transforming yourself and your projects through the process of research?

If so, then this class is for you.  The purpose of the class is to learn and practice what has been called ‘activist’ or ‘militant research.’  One of its contemporary practitioners, the Colectivo Situaciones from Argentina, defines it as the following:
“Militant research is a concept-tool that works on the premise that all interpretation of the world is linked to some kind of action. Related to practices of co-research and institutional analysis, militant research proposes that all new knowledge production affects and modifies the bodies and subjectivities of those who have participated. Rather than use research as a tool to categorize and separate knowledge from practice, militant research operates transversally, becoming part of the process that organizes relationships between bodies, knowledge, social practices and fields of action.” ( )

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[email protected]
Facilitator's experience: 
I have co-facilitated three EXCO classes before: Theorizing the University, Radical Mapping: a Disorientation Guide for the University of Minnesota, and Radical Pedagogies. I have been a teaching assistant for about ten classes at the U of MN, as a graduate student in the philosophy and political science departments. I am just learning about the topic of this class, 'activist/militant research,' but I have tried to carry out such research in an amateur way: in my work as an organizer with EXCO and the grad student-worker unionization efforts at the U of MN.
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Class times: 
Sun, 02/14/2010 (All day) - Sun, 05/09/2010 (All day)
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TBD collectively once all participants have signed up
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As I am an EXCO organizer, I will figure out and reserve the location for the class on my own.
a discussion group on theories and practices of integrating collaborative research with activism -
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