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DJ on WMCN Macalester College Radio

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Like many college radio stations, WMCN does not limit itself to any particular genre[s]. Our programming consists of a broad spectrum of music from indepedent record labels and artists, along with a spattering of talk, news, and announcements.
Unlike most radio stations of any sort, however, WMCN is a truly freeform broadcast. We have 68+ unique weekly programs, each with its own host DJ[s] and theme. While we do select our DJs in part based on their tastes and knowledge, they determine the playlists for each broadcast of their own shows independently, with no need for approval from management and no "master list" to choose from.

Since the majority of our listeners are Macalester students, we try to provide a mix of genres proportional to their tastes, while representing as many genres as possible in the spirit of liberal arts philisophy. If you see an underrepresented genre you enjoy, do a little research on influential/innovative/independent artists in that genre, and APPLY FOR A SHOW THIS SEMESTER!

If you live near the Macalester College campus, you can pick up an application at the station (in the Basement of 30Mac) , at the Campus Center information desk, or you can find a copy online at Applications are due back to the station by WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 15TH.

If you are selected to become a part of our WMCN DJ family, you will be informed by email and will be expected to attend DJ training on the weekend of September 18th/19th. Your show would occur once a week, typically for two hours (a limited number of one hour shows are available). Live studio guests are welcomed in the station, but raucous partying is not. It's also important that you select a time that works well for you and your lifestyle, as you'll be expected to be present for your designated show time every week (though it's easy to find a sub if unexpected circumstances arise).

Be a DJ! And give the gift of music! 


Facilitator email(s): 
[email protected]
[email protected]
Facilitator's experience: 
Both have several years of college DJing experience under their belts and have worked closely with the station in past years as program managers, rock/hip-hop directors, and currently as co-general managers.
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