"Designing for a Changing Future: The Relationship between Energy ("Saving Energy") and Work (a Human Endeavor)"

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010 - 18:30

Tuesday, January 19
6:30-8:30 pm
Mad Hatter's Tea House
943 W 7th St.,  St Paul, MN

"Designing for a Changing Future:  The Relationship between Energy ("Saving Energy") and Work (a Human Endeavor)"

Most people are now very concerned about climate change, and how to address it.  A major effort is going into "saving energy," focusing on, e.g., higher mileage cars, more energy-efficient structures, localized economies, and "green jobs."

However, "energy" scientifically is usually considered as the amount of work that can be accomplished by a force, it is not a fuel input.  And work is usually considered a human and social construct, not the outcome of energy expended.

How does our work (our job) fit into our desire to "save energy"?  What would new designs for work look like?  Join a discussion about energy, modern-day work, and the possibilities of transformations.

Talk and discussion led by Wilhelm Reindl*

*Wilhelm Reindl was educated in physics at the University of Munich.  In his working life in Minnesota he was a  researcher at the University of Minnesota and with the federal Bureau of Mines; a former energy consultant to government, industry, and community organizations; and an independent energy entrepreneur and inventor.  Ne is now a part-time "farmer" in western Wisconsin using design in new ways..


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