EXCO Newsletter: October 2009

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  • EXCO Reflection Brunch
  • Green Tomato Cook-off
  • One last chance to sign up for EXCO classes this fall
  • Education as it is/should be discussion
  • MCTC Chapter Class Creation Event
  • EXCO Wellness Core Kick-Off Event
  • Interview with EXCO facilitator Ray Tricomo
  • EXCO featured on MPR NewsQ!

EXCO Reflection Brunch
October 24, Noon – 2pm
Brian Coyle Community Center
420 15th Avenue S. Minneapolis, MN  55454

Come eat brunch with other EXCO people!  Bring
your thoughts on EXCO: what you like, what you would improve, and ideas
about how to make EXCO the best it can be!  EXCO is an all volunteer run
organization so it can't happen without the participation of folks like

Planning on attending? Let us know by 10-21 so we can get the right amount of food! Questions? Contact Callie [email protected] or David 651-315-4222.

Green Tomato Cook-off
October 15, 6-8pm

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

2742 15th Ave South, Minneapoli

Free Event with Gardening Matters and EXCO! Bring a dish for the contest or just show up and eat – ALL ARE WELCOME.
EXCO Skillshare: Learn how to fry green tomatoes with Dan Reddan at 5:30pm.  Contest food entries must be received by 6:15PM. Compete for 3 category
prizes: Savory, Sweets and Sauces/Condiments.

To volunteer and for more info, contact Claudia at [email protected] or 612-871-0910. Sponsored by Philips Neighborhood Community Gardens

One last chance to sign up for EXCO classes this fall:
Check out these classes on the website today!

Designing for a Changing Future: Economic Stability Through Local Interdependence
Movies: Cultural Enrichment or Co-Dependence?
Indegenous Imperative
The Richest Man in Babylon: A Study in Personal Finance
The Communist Manifesto, by Karl Marx&Frederick Engels
Liderazgo Transformativo
Klezmer Music Ensemble
Yoga para Mujeres
Interpretative Dance

Education as it is/should be discussion
Tuesday, October 20th, 5-7pm
MCTC, H0150

All are welcome!

MCTC Chapter Class Creation Event

Tuesday, November 10th,
MCTC, H0150

All are welcome, come generate class ideas for the spring session!

EXCO Wellness Core Kick-Off Event
Friday, November
13th 6-9pm
MCTC, place TBA

The first ever such gathering and will include a brief
workshop by a Sufi Healer. Interested in wellness of all
kinds?--alternative health, healing, spiritual practices, exercise,
etc!--this is the place for you. We are creating a class creation unit
to bring people together around these common interests and share skills
with our communities. Contact [email protected] with questions or
to get involved.

Want to create your own class creation event by movement, community or
common interest? Contact [email protected] or call David at

Interview with EXCO facilitator Ray Tricomo

Tricomo has facilitated at least one EXCO class per session since the
Spring of 2006 when EXCO first offered classes to the public.  His
classes have included The Indigenous Imperative, The Godfather:
Microcosom of the American Tragedy, Black Folk: Culture Defeats
Holocaust, and Movies: Cultural Enrichment or Co-Dependence?

(Note: The interview was not recorded, so Ray’s answers are all approximate)

Aaron:  What made you want to get involved with EXCO?

I had read Paolo Friere before and knew about the EXCO at Oberlin
College and EXCO fit with my ideas about people’s education.

A:  Why do you keep coming back to EXCO?

I love ideas and bright young people.  Though I do sometimes lecture,
I’m into the idea that teachers can be students and students can be

A:  You mentioned earlier that you really loved your Godfather class last Spring, what were some reasons for that?

The class had a great dynamic.  There were two young women from India
and Albania respectively, a 61 year-old construction worker from NYC,
and an older Italian woman from New Jersey.  We were able to have many
deeply evolved conversations on topics like crime, the preoccupation
with male power, and the intersection between America capitalism and
organized crime.  Every week the class was interesting.

A:  What about EXCO is similar or different from your past teaching experiences?

What’s different is that you are not under the gun in a formal academic
sense.  There is no pressure to conform to any institution’s guidelines
or standards.  It is still similar in being based on ideas and on the
reading that we do.  I really like just sitting down and having long
conversations with students about philosophy.

A:  Where do you hope that EXCO will go in the future?

I would like to see EXCO become a bit less cautious and more
radical—less afraid to take chances.  It is good to not always react to
things but to initiate.

A:  Your classes are still open for anyone who wants to join… what would you say to folks to encourage them to come.

The movies class will be looking at movies both as a source of cultural
enrichment and as a kind of addiction.  We don’t tell our own stories
anymore, and this class will look to movies to uncover why.  The
Indigenous class is looking at indigenous societies as models for
building our future societies, all the while deconstructing the
different stereotypes we still maintain towards indigenous peoples.

classes meet on Tuesday’s (Movies) and Thursday’s  (Indigenous
Imperative) from 6-8pm at Macalester College, Old Main room’s 009 and
011 respectively.  If you would like to take a class give him a call at
651-714-0288 and let him know.

EXCO featured on MPR NewsQ!

The story can be found at the link below:


Thanks for reading!  We hope to see you soon.

Callie and the EXCO Organizing Team

www.excotc.org | [email protected] | 651-696-8010