history of community gardening/farming

Lately I have been getting really curious about the history of community gardening/urban farming...especially their beginnings as centers of urban resistance, and their connection to things like guerilla gardening or other forms of urban community organizing. I know there's a pretty deep history of gardening functioning as a means of resistance - like the gardens that sprang up in jewish ghettos during WW2, as well as internment camps here in the US. I'm interested in exploring the intersection of community, resistance, environmental justice and the like that happens when communities come together to produce their own food...it isn't the most well formed thought yet, but that's my next point! I was wondering if anyone would be willing to put together a class with me based on some of these ideas...could be someone who has experience working in community gardens or has done research on the subject, but I think all we really need is a few brains in one room to wade through some of the concepts. If there are any folks out there interested in stewing up some kind of class...let's do it!