New Ways of Loving: How Authenticity Transforms Relationships

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Name of facilitator: James Park

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: 612-871-7275

Course description:

Explore new perspectives for creating
more open, free, and growing relationships.
In five sessions we will explore 8 themes:

Session 1:
Meeting the other men and women of the group.
Introducing all the themes and distributing books.

Session 2:
(Ch. 1) recovering from romantic illusions;
(Ch. 2) becoming more Authentic;

Session 3:
(Ch. 3) maintaining freedom in love;
(Ch. 4) transcending pre-existing needs;

Session 4:
(Ch. 5) preventing jealousy by becoming unique;
(Ch. 6) opening to loving more than one person;

Session 5:
(Ch. 7) reinventing sex;
(Ch. 8) outgrowing masculinity and femininity.

Our resource for this seminar is:
New Ways of Loving:
How Authenticity Transforms Relationships
by James Park.
Click here for
more information about the text

Over 60 pages are available on the Internet.
These 8 chapters will be available in class for $20
Or you can buy the complete book in the sixth edition, 2007, for $35.
See options for buying these chapters
A PDF of these first 8 chapters is also available for $10,
including the cost of electronic payment by PayPal.

James Park is an existential philosopher
and the leader of this seminar.
A comprehensive course description appears here:

Class Time:

This course description remains on the EXCO website
because New Ways of Loving might be offered again in 2014.
If interested, click to join.
The next seminar will be organized by e-mail
among those on this list.

Class Dates:


Class size:

This is not a lecture series.
The basic content is printed in the book.
Rather, we have maximum discussion
among the self-selected group of people who attend.
Are YOU looking for new ways of loving?
If yes, click to join our e-mailing list.

Facebook Discussion Group on Love

If you are serious about exploring new ways of loving,
you can join an experimental electronic discussion group
created by means of the Experimental Educational Community of the Twin Cities.

These are the main features of this experiment:

(1) participants from anywhere on Earth.

(2) a Facebook Page on love:
"NEW WAYS OF LOVING: Facebook Group"

(3) no charge for the course;
but you will need a copy of New Ways of Loving.

(4) 8 weeks to read and discuss.
See complete details here:

What experience do you bring to this class?

James Park has led such discussions dozens of times,
during which he wrote and revised the book.
Most classes were in the Minnesota Free University.
Learn more about his career in
Adult Alternative Education
including several other possible classes.

If you have the time and curiosity to dig deeper,
even more information about James Park
will be found on his website,
An Existential Philosopher's Museum,
which has more than 1,000 'rooms'.

(Revised 1-1-2014)

Facilitator email(s): 
[email protected]


Lofts on Arts Avenue Minneapolis, MN
United States
Facilitator's experience: 
James Park is author of the text for this seminar: New Ways of Loving: How Authenticity Transforms Relationships, which is now in its 6th edition. He has led this seminar dozens of times, during which he wrote and revised the book.
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Class maximum size: 
Location Accessibility: 
Lofts on Arts Avenue Minneapolis, MN
United States
44° 59' 0.0024" N, 93° 16' 0.012" W
Additional class location information:
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