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EXCO Classes Begin Soon...


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We have yet another great batch of FREE classes from Musica y Dibujo Hip Hop to Spanish Conversation, Radical Feminisms, Movement Media Making, Sewing and Pillow Making and many, many more. Yay participatory community-driven education!

Find a list of classes on our website www.excotc.org/classes or on brochures and flyers around town. While you can attend a 1st class without registering we'd prefer if you'd register so facilitators can plan for who is coming. To register for a class, contact the facilitators by phone or email or register online. To register online you need to sign-in or create a username on the website. Then, go to www.excotc.org/classes and click "Join" to register.

Please don't register for more classes than you are able to attend.

Want to help spread the word? We need the help! Attend the first ever EXCO Class Publicity Phone-a-thon Saturday February 6th, 5-9pm at 2620 30th Ave S, Mpls. Food provided so please let us know you're coming--contact Erin,  [email protected] 

Want to get involved in other ways? Contact us at [email protected] or 651-998-9268.