Take A Class

At this point you're probably wondering how to register for one (or many) of EXCO's fine classes. You can do this either by a) contacting the facilitator, b) registering online.

Before you do that however, you should note that we list three types of learning opportunities: 1) Classes, 2) Potential Classes, 3) Workshops.

-*Classes* (scheduled classes) have set times and dates and that's when they will happen.

-*Potential classes* will happen based on participant and facilitator(s) interest and availability, ensuring that the class will be a success

-*Workshops* are one-time offerings or events

1. If a class has not yet been posted or you have difficulty accessing internet, you may register for a class by contacting the teacher directly (see the list of classes). We prefer, however, that you register online . . .

2. Register online. Here’s how you do it:

  • Firstly, you can create an account on the site by clicking here or by clicking the "create a new account" link to the left, underneath the login boxes.
  • After you enter your desired username, e-mail address, and create a password, you will be automatically logged into the site. From there, you click on the "classes" link to the left to see a list of all classes offered. Click on the name of each class to see more information about the class (instructor, times, description, etc.).
  • To register for the class, click "join" in the list of buttons or within the class page. You will be asked to confirm joining. We encourage you to check back just in case some information has changed and to contact your facilitators with questions, suggestions, etc.

    This process is really not as hard as it may seem. However, if you have questions or can't seem to register, please e-mail excotc(at)gmail.com or call 651-696-8010, we'll help you out.

    Finally, please feel empowered to just show up to a class of interest if you're having trouble with the website.