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We provide financial support to facilitators for class materials, textbooks, and any other budgetary needs they may have. We also provide limited honorariums to allow facilitators to do what they do best — teach excellent classes. Other costs include sponsoring EXCO community events, publicity, and administrative costs. Any amount you can give helps so much. Thank you for helping to make our organization possible!

About Your Donation


Over the last four years, we the volunteer organizers have developed the Experimental College of the Twin Cities (EXCO).We are becoming an increasingly diverse, inclusive organization. Our efforts require financial support, so we are writing to ask you for your help.


Begun in response to struggles around the inequities of higher education, EXCO is dedicated to the principle that everyone can teach or take classes and all classes are free. Since our founding in Fall 2006, EXCO has held more than 350 free and open classes with over 3000 participants. (See brochure for examples.)


In the EXCO version of education, communities of all kinds gather each season to discuss their lives, and to identify and create classes based on collective needs and desires. Classes are free, open to all, and designed in the languages, spaces, and times of the people who create them.


Once a primarily white, college-aged, university-dependent group, EXCO is evolving into a community-ledorganization representing multiple languages and generations. Our Academia Comunitaria chapter is run by and for working-class immigrants in local Latin@ communities. Building on this effort, we are currently devoted to creating a chapter based in local East African communities.


Becoming a more community-led entity brings additional challenges. This move—along with the widespread budget crises of our financial mainstays at Macalester College and the University of Minnesota—has reduced our ability to receive funding. Organizing with working class communities requires more, not less, resources. Most of our facilitators teach as volunteers, but we offer honorariums for those who could not teach otherwise.


Expanding the scope and diversity of our organizing is extremely productive and inspiring.  New strategies­­ include one-on-one support of facilitators, multi-lingual translation for our publicity and events, and community dinners for class creation and reflection.


All of this work takes time, energy, and money. Despite being completely volunteer-run, with classes held in donated spaces, we need your support. Please consider donating with the enclosed form, or visit Thank you, and feel free to contact us for any reason!




We seek to raise at least $15,000 in this fundraising drive. This amount will cover our costs for an entire yearof our current transition. We ask for your support in continuing to develop our organization, the practice of hope it generates in our communities, and the dream of creating a celebratory educational system that benefits all people.


·      $10 would help us make flyers and brochures to promote one class

·      $50 provides course materials for at least one class

·      $100 funds a reflection dinner or end-of-season celebration event

·      $300 supports at least one facilitator who could not teach otherwise

·      $500 funds a complete course in the community-led chapters

·      $1000 would help fund the initiation of a new community-led chapter


Any and all contributions are greatlyappreciated. Please send a check with the stamped envelope in this letter, or donate online at Checks can be written to “The Experimental College of the Twin Cities”.

We would also love your help with facilitator support and training, event planning, website development, relationship-building with specific communities, fundraising, and other crucial EXCO organizing. Please contact [email protected] or 651-998-9268.

Please note that donations are not currently tax deductible. EXCO is a nonprofit but not a 501c3. At present obtaining that status would greatly increase our workload and might restrict the type of work we are able to do.