April EXCO Newsletter

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I. Spring Session Classes

II. MayDay Preparations

III. EXCO’s new South Minneapolis/Do It Ourselves chapter (name is in progress)

IV. Whose University? April 20th Day of Education & Workshops

V. PEJAM's Spring Forum - Stand Up for Public Education: Testimonials from the Struggle to Save Our Schools


VII. UMN Solidarity’s Occupation of Social Sciences Tower on U of M’s West Bank


I. Spring Session Classes


There are still opportunities to take part in EXCO’s spring session! If you’re interested in facilitating a class – Summer Session class applications are available here.

Check out www.excotc.org for more classes/workshops that haven’t started yet (but soon!) – including:

IWW Work People's College

Data Security Now! or, What Your Data is Doing Behind Your Back and What You Can Do About It

Good Vibes: Energy Healing & Increasing Bliss

Basic Hand Stitching and Sewing Machine Class

Child Development and Arts Education

Controversy to Canon: Watching Lucinda Childs' "Dance"

Basic Bike Maintenance at Sibley Bike Depot (April), Mantenimiento de Bicicletas)

Learn to fix the brakes on your bike!

Go Wild! Sharing Survival Skills for Uncertain Times

Make Media, Make Trouble – Classroom & Action


II. MayDay Preparations

EXCO is hosting an information table at MayDay! We need you to help! Please contact Erin ([email protected] or 815-302-2481) if you’d like to help out in any of the following ways:

1. Volunteer for 1 or more hours for Heart of the Beast in exchange for our free info table   registration (passing out programs, stuff like that)

2. Do a skill-share at our info table

3. Help pass out EXCO fliers at our info table or during the parade


III. EXCO’s new South Minneapolis/Do It Ourselves chapter (name is in progress)

A new chapter of Experimental Community Education of the TC (EXCO) is in the works!

By forming this new chapter, we seek to bring more organizers, classes and energy to EXCO, where anyone can teach or take a class and all classes are free.

We hope our efforts will support and create resources for other EXCO groups, too, like

Academia Comunitaria (todas las clases se imparten en espaƱol) and the proposed Cedar Riverside chapter. Most of all, we want to see more classes that will help strengthen cultures of community

sustainability and resistance.

Come to our next meeting/meal (April 17 at 5:30pm at 3100 5th Ave S., Minneapolis) or contact Jaime Hokanson at [email protected] or 612-655-1080 for more information.


IV. Whose University? April 20th Day of Education & Workshops

Wednesday, April 20th – 11am to 4pm at Coffman Memorial Union, University of Minnesota

Whose University? is organizing a “Day of Education & Workshops” at the University of Minnesota April 20th, focused on the reality of racial and economic exclusions in higher education.  We will explore what is happening at the University of Minnesota specifically and connections to the daily life of students across the state of Minnesota. We are organizing buses of high school students to come to the University - where we’ll provide lunch, have an event (“teach in”), host a press conference and then break up into workshops.  The day is an opportunity for young people to think more about policy, debate current social issues, engage in collaborative learning, and think critically about the value of higher education.

Check out the Facebook page for Whose University for more info on the event here. RSVP here.


V. PEJAM's Spring Forum - Stand Up for Public Education: Testimonials from the Struggle to Save Our Schools

Featuring Chicago Teachers' Union President Karen Lewis

Saturday, April 9 · 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation Building

312 Central Avenue N.E., Minneapolis

The keynote speaker will be Karen Lewis, recently elected President of the Chicago Teachers Union and a member of CORE- Caucus of Rank & File Educators. In her election acceptance speech last June, Ms Lewis declared, “Today marks the beginning of the end of scapegoating educators for all the social ills that our children, families and schools struggle against every day. Today marks the beginning of a fight for true transparency in our educational policy — how to accurately measure learning and teaching, how to truly improve our schools, and how to evaluate the wisdom behind our spending priorities.”

Organized by Public Education Justice Alliance of Minnesota

PEJAM is a grassroots community organization of teachers, parents, students, and community members dedicated to defending and supporting a fully funded, just, equitable, and democratic system of public education. Join PEJAM on Facebook.



The Bruce High Quality Foundation + Creative Time present:



Saturday April 9, 4-5:30pm

@ Regis Center for Art, In-Flux Auditorium

Free + open to the public

Hosted in Minneapolis by the Walker Art Center, University of Minnesota, Soap Factory, 1419, and the Experimental College of the Twin Cities

Teach 4 Amerika combines the spectacle and energy of a political rally with the substantive dialog of a conversation series, featuring a multimedia presentation by the group, balloons, t-shirts, and music from local pep bands...

A 5-week, 11-city, coast-to-coast road trip that crosses state lines and institutional boundaries to inspire and enable local art students to define the future of their own educational experience.

Traveling the byways of America in a limousine painted as a school bus, BHQF brings together concerned educators, artists, arts administrators, and—most importantly—students to BRAINSTORM THE FUTURE OF ART SCHOOLS.

***What are they for?

***How should they be organized?

***If not for careers, what is the essence of art itself?

These fundamental questions have long haunted artists, and the BHQF are interested in putting the questions back in the hands of students across America through a combination of dynamic public rallies and intimate conversations.

“Teach 4 Amerika aims to empower artists to create the education they need and not beholden them to a system that professionalizes them out of their own specificity,” said the BRUCE HIGH QUALITY FOUNDATION.

“The Teach 4 Amerika tour will highlight the contradictions and crisis operating at the center of art education in the United States today,” said NATO THOMPOSON, Chief Curator, CREATIVE TIME.


VII. UMN Solidarity’s Occupation of Social Sciences Tower on U of M’s West Bank

The U of M’s Social Sciences Tower on the West Bank was recently occupied by a coalition of students for four days demanding the right to peacefully occupy space at our public, land-grant university, that the public has reasonable access to university resources, that the university respect the rights of all workers to organize and to earn at least a living wage, tuition and fee reductions, that regents be democratically elected by the university community, and that the university treat student groups fairly and equitable with respect to funding and space and that student groups on the 2nd floor of Coffman Union be able to keep their spaces.

Check out umnsolidarity.wordpress.com and this “UK Exclusive Interview: UMN Solidarity Occupation” from The New Current.  It was conducted in the midst of the occupation, just before the occupiers were evicted on Thursday night.

Post-eviction, students are continuing to develop the movement, building on the many relationships formed during the occupation.  To learn more, show your support, or get involved, stop by the Social Sciences building, 1st floor, from 1pm-5pm Mon-Fri, to chat.




In Solidarity,

Erin and the EXCO organizing team


[email protected]

(651) 998-9268