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*** EXCO at Shut Down, Rise UP!

In anticipation of Minnesota's expected government shutdown on July 1st, EXCO community members can contribute to a constructive project during the crisis: "Shut Down, Rise Up!"   Starting on July 1st, we’ll be coming together in Powderhorn Park (3400 15th Ave S, Mpls) every evening to share resources, organize political action, and build community.  We encourage EXCO folks to share your skills and knowledge by putting on skill-shares, workshops, and classes at the convergence. 

A free meal will be provided starting at 5pm every day, followed by a general assembly. We’ll also have music and fun!  Bring what you can and take what you need! - RSVP on facebook

What is Shut Down Rise Up? [para el español, haga clic aquí]

On July 1st, the Minnesota state government will likely shutdown. Tens of thousands of public employees could be laid off, and cutbacks on services ranging from transportation to health coverage, food stamps to nursing homes, homeless shelters to the court system could have devastating effects on many more.

As anti-authoritarians, we recognize both the immediate need people have for the government to return to its regular operations (for many, this is a matter of survival), and also the fact that the government and corporations work in tandem to exploit our communities and strip them of self-sufficiency.

As invested members of our communities, we’re responding by starting to address the needs and issues arising from the shutdown while also presenting our own analysis of the system that has produced this crisis. We are converging to pool resources, services, and political actions that will address some of the immediate needs created by the shutdown. We intend to occupy a shared physical space for the purposes of this resource-sharing and community building, and also to maintain an internet information hub on actions and alternative services related to the shutdown.

For more info and a poster/pamphlet to download, see ShutDownRiseUp.org

For updates, subscribe to an announcements list by sending an email to:
[email protected]


*** Summer Classes - Liberate your education this summer with EXCO's free community-led classes!

Over 40 classes!  Visit http://www.excotc.org for full class listings and to register.  Some awesome classes are starting soon.  Many have already started, but you if you contact the class facilitator they often do not mind late joiners.

Más de 40 clases! Visita http://www.excotc.org para las listas de la clase completa y para inscribirse. Algunas clases son impresionantes punto de empezar. Muchos ya han comenzado, pero si se comunica con el facilitador de clase a menudo no les importa carpinteros tarde.

*** Facilitating Fall Classes at Mpls Parks / Facilitar las clases de otoño en los parques Minneapolis

Are you interested in facilitating an EXCO class in the Fall of 2011 at a Minneapolis park building?  If you would like to use a space in the buildings of Powderhorn Park, Corcoran Park, or others, please let us know by July 1st.  Thanks!
We need advance notice in order to communicate with the parks people about it.  We are working out an arrangement with the parks to make it easier to have spaces and to get your classes listed in their publicity.
¿Está usted interesado en la facilitación de una clase de EXCO en el otoño de 2011 en un edificio del parque de Minneapolis? Si desea utilizar un espacio en los edificios de Powderhorn Park, Parque de Corcoran, u otros, por favor háganoslo saber por 1 de julio. Gracias!
Necesitamos antelación con el fin de comunicarse con la gente parques al respecto. Estamos trabajando en un acuerdo con los parques para que sea más fácil tener espacios y para obtener las clases enumeradas en su publicidad.