Register for SUMMER Classes Now! Free Community Education with EXCO

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Hi EXCO friends!

Summer EXCO classes classes are available for registration now!

Visit for class listings and to register! Classes include:

* Against Civilization (Wolfi Landstreicher Readings) * * Basic Bike Maintenance * * Beginning Screenprinting * * Class in a “Classless” Society * * Culture Jamming * * Climate Solutions, Economic Renewal, Energy Transition * * Creativity and the Problem of Ownership * * Earth Oven Building * * Governing Society * * Herbalism and Plant Identification * * Fiction Writing * * French * * Mental Health Medicinal Herb Garden * * Mind-Body Meditation * * Poetry and Revolution * * Queer Studies * * Sourdough Bread * * Beginning Ballet for Kids * * Transformative Justice * * Wheelbuilding * * Radical Pedagogy *

Summer classes begin in June and July.

At Experimental Community Education of the Twin Cities (EXCO), everyone can teach or take classes and all classes are free! EXCOtc shares visions of a better world, offers free and open classes and is building a community around education for social change. Sign up for classes at

Want more info? -> Contact us at: 651-998-9268 [email protected]

*DONATE* EXCO strives to be a sustainable organization and in that mindset we would LOVE to be able to fundraise to cover all of the expenses for this summer session of classes. If you're interested in donating something visit us here: If you'd like to help us fundraise please get in touch!

Please forward this list to any interested friends!

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Happy Summer!