Take Free Classes with EXCO this Spring - Over 30 all new classes!

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Check out EXCO's all new FREE classes this Spring!

Visit http://www.excotc.org/ for full class listings and to register. Most classes will begin in early March. All classes are free and open to everyone!  Classes include...

 DIY Transportation and Food:

  • Basic Bike Maintenance at Sibley Bike Depot;
  • Bread!;
  • Restore Urban Land with Native Wild Gardens;
  • Seed starting workshop;
  • Tumbling Composter Building Workshop;

Art and Music:

  • DIY Screenprinting;
  • Performance & Poetry;
  • Rhythm in the 20th Century;
  • SAORI Weaving;

Education and Languages:

  • Exploring Homeschooling;
  • Midwest French;
  • Francophone & Francophile Festival & Convention Discussion & Planning Series;

Social Justice, Organizing, and Anti-capitalism:

  • "Games" for Facilitators, Teachers and Learners;
  • Occupy Support Class;
  • On Debt: An Anti-capitalist Reading Group;
  • Cargill's Corporate Personhood and Impacts on our Food System;
  • The Myth of the Classless Society in America;
  • Food Justice: Theory and Action;


  • Finding Your Voice Online;
  • Introduction to iMovie;
  • Twitter 101


  • Improvised Contact Between Luminous Beings;
  • Reverence: Being Alive in the Sacred and Accountable to the All?;

Academia Comunitaria: (en español)

  • Dibujo Para Niños;
  • Unas Acrilicas;
  • Reposteria;
  • Maquillaje;
  • Mecanica;
  • How to Draw a Portrait;
  • Circulo de Risas;
  • Grupo de Hombres;
  • Información de Cáncer;
  • Cocina Mexicana

See http://www.excotc.org/ for full class details and to register!