Reminder! Apply to teach with EXCO this summer!

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Apply to teach with EXCO this summer! 

Everyone is a teacher and a learner with EXCO. What have you learned? What are you passionate about? What are your skills? Share them by teaching (or as we say, "facilitating") a class or a workshop this summer. Classes or workshops can be on any subject and can take many forms. Classes are longer-duration while workshops are more autonomous and do not receive funding. Class facilitators are volunteers but we may be able to provide some money for those who could not teach without it. We may also be able to provide money for supplies. 

If you are interested in facilitating a class or a workshop, submit your online application before May 14 for highest funding priority, or before May 22nd at the absolute latest. If you do not require funding you can submit your class or workshop at anytime, although the greatest publicity will be given to those who submit their class before May 26th.

Learn more and apply online at

Hope to see you soon! 
Erin and the EXCO organizing team

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