Get Involved!

Besides facilitating and taking classes, there are three primary ways to get involved with EXCO, volunteering, childcare, and organizing.  Within each category roles and tasks do sometimes overlap or are even the same, but in general a volunteer contributes occasional support while an organizer makes a more sustained commitment.  Whatever you have to give will help to make EXCO a stronger community for all of us!


WEEKLY EXCO PLANNING MEETINGS We are an all volunteer crew so we could use your help! We'd love it if you'd get involved either via collaborating organizing groups or signing up to volunteer.

Before attending a meeting it is always wise to make sure things are as as planned by contacting us or checking for events. We have three organizing groups that meet regularly:

-Macalester contact Jason at [email protected]/651-233-4949

-University of Minnesota, contact Eli [email protected]/763-607-7034

-Academia Comunitaria, contact Christian at [email protected]/612-207-4901


Want to get involved in other ways? We need help in lots of specific areas as well!

If you want to get involved in Party Planning contact Angela at [email protected]/952-688-6953

If you want to get involved in building a free, community-led educational collaboration in Cedar-Riverside contact Erin: [email protected]/815-302-2481

If you want to get involved in movement, community, or interest based Curriculum Building contact David [email protected]/651-315-4222

If you want to get involved in Facilitator Support and Training Opportunities or Independent Fundraising contact [email protected].

Want more information on being an EXCO Organizer? Check out the organizing handbook attached below.



Minneapolis Childcare Collective is seeking volunteers to provide
childcare for Academia Comunitaria classes. We ask for a weekly
commitment. Most classes are an hour. We provide training and toys.
There will usually be another volunteer with you. We are currently
seeking volunteers to start in March. For more information, email
[email protected]. See our mission statement below:
We are dedicated to providing high quality child care in order to
support parents’ involvement in organizations of resistance and
community building.  We provide childcare as an act of solidarity with
women, people of color, and poor people, especially poor mothers of
color, who are responsible for a disproportional amount of childcare,
often excluding them from participating in projects of social change
and resistance.

Minneapolis Childcare Collective esta buscando volunarios a proveer
guardaria por clases de Academia Comunitaria. Pedimos un compromiso
semanal. La mayoridad de los clases son una hora. Tenemos una
formacion y algunos juegos. Usualmente habria dos voluntarios. Por mas
informacion, [email protected].

La mision:
Colectivo Guardería de Minneapolis
Estamos dedicamos a proveer guardería de alta calidad para apoyar que
los padres pueden participar en las organizaciones de resistencia y
fortalecimiento comunitario. Hacemos guardería como un acto de
solidaridad con mujeres, gente Latina, gente de ingreso bajo, y
especialmente mujeres de bajos ingresos, quienes tienen la mayoría de
la responsabilidad por el cuidado de los niños, y por eso es muy común
que están excluidas de la participación en los proyectos de cambio y
resistencia social.



EXCO volunteers are called on to do a number of very essential tasks!  We send out general calls to our volunteers to help with things like flyering, calling EXCO facilitators and participants, help for specific events, and more.  When you are available your efforts will be greatly appreciated but if not thats OK too.  If you know you want to find ways to give back to EXCO but don't have the time to make a regular commitment then signing on as a volunteer is the thing to do! 

To sign up as a volunteer, just CLICK HERE and join the EXCO volunteer google group.  Emails will be sent out when opportunities arise.

Can you hand out a few fliers at certain locations you frequent?  Do you have other publicity ideas you'd like to help with? Let us know by FILLING OUT THIS FORM:


Alternately, if you would like to leave a phone number, or have a specific idea for a way to volunteer, email us at [email protected] or call 651-998-9268.

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