Advanced Drupal Workshop: CSS, Photoshop, and Drupal development on the EXCO web site

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011 - 19:00 - Tuesday, May 31, 2011 - 20:00

Do you have intermediate or advanced Drupal, CSS, or Photoshop skills? Want to help redesign and build the next generation of the EXCO web site? We will meet in person once or twice a month on an ongoing basis to make this happen, with remote contribution encouraged. A time and location will be set when we gain a critical membership for this workshop.

Seth Viebrock, the admin for, will lead this workshop with the help of other EXCO facilitators who have years of experience using Drupal to meet (or not meet) very unique organizational needs. Seth is an experienced web designer/developer/programmer, currently doing Drupal design/dev full-time-remote for Artist Arena of NYC, building unique social networking sites for major recording artists such as Rihanna (, Selena Gomez (, and Justin Bieber ( 

For the developers, our site,, is a unique, vibrant technology playground, vigorously harnessing technologies/modules such as "cloud computing" on AWS, the Aegir hosting platform, Organic Groups, Rules, Views, Panels, and an interesting assorment of lesser-known modules.

For the CSS and design folks, we are shooting for a total, custom redesign. Wireframes will be provided, but mockups will become available as we are able to create them. Seth will design mockups if proper Photoshop help is not available from within the group. A Zen starter theme will be used unless someone can convince me that a 960 grid layout is better.

And, for the activists in you all, we are envisioning a "distribution" of our web site that we can freely hand to others around the world who want to create a free college, so that technology is not a barrier to free education. This could be accomplished via spinning off new instances on AWS, the Domain Access module suite, Features, and/or a combination of the above.

Facilitator contact: you can contact Seth Viebrock via the contact form at the top of this web site. 


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[email protected]
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