Traditional Artisans: Preserving the Folk School Education

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Workshop date(s) & time(s): 
Sunday, October 30, 2011 - 12:00 - 21:00

Apprenticeship once offered an individual the opportunity to learn a craft from masters of that craft. Nowadays, apprenticeship is difficult to come by, which is precisely why this workshop/class/school/folk festival is being created. The purpose of this workshop/class/school/folk festival is to bring together the skills of old to pass them on to others in an effort to preserve the beauty of not only the craft but the culture of the craft. If you are interested in traditional skills/crafts, we welcome you to join this workshop. When enough interest is generated, we will begin offering opportunities to learn the following skills and begin planning our own Folk Festival - complete with an evening barn dance!?!:

Spoon/Knife Carving
A Spoonful of Creativity: Learn to Carve a Wooden Spoon and/or Cheese Knife
October 30, 2011; 12-5ish (material fee ~$30, beginners and experienced carvers are welcome)
Class size will be ~10 apprentices/professional instructor with additional craftspeople available to assist. Bring a high quality, sharp knife (Mora Knifes are great!)

Many folk traditions include the carving of beautiful spoons for use at home and as treasured gifts. The purpose of this class is to pass on that tradition by sharing the joy of learning traditional knife strokes and carving techniques to carve your own beautiful, durable and useable wooden spoon and/or butter/cheese knife! This class will begin with a brief presentation on spoons from across the world while you prepare to carve a useable spoon and/or knife. While you carve, the instructor will share mesmerizing folk tales and discuss woodcarving topics such as sharpening, decorating, finishing and design techniques. Feel free to bring your new and old wooden spoons to share. We will have some tools for student use and additional spoon blanks for sale.

(on 10/30 from noon-5ish at the Folk Festival followed by a barn dance at 6ish (potluck dinner at 5ish). Please contact me so that we may have a final head count on who will be attending and so that I may provide directions, etc.)

Krympburkar (Swedish Shrink Box/Can)
(class not yet scheduled)
Learn the container craft that dates back over thousands of years.

Birch Bark Boxes
(class not yet scheduled)
Discover how to make birch bark boxes following traditions and techniques that are centuries old to hold your treasures for centuries to come.

Willow Market Basket
(class not yet scheduled)
Learn to collect and grade willows and weave a round market basket.

Birch Bark Weaving
(class not yet scheduled)
Learn birch bark weaving techniques to make baskets, rings, and sheaths.

Lathe Work
(class not yet scheduled)
Spin your way to making your own honey-dippers, bottle tops, utensils and bowls.

(courses will require a material fee)

Facilitator's experience: 
Jim is a professional woodturner, incorporating traditional slöyd handwork and techniques. Fred is a professional woodsmith with extensive experience in Swedish crafts. Tom is a professional woodsmith with extensive experience in Scandinavian and European rural crafts, emphasizing on green woodworking. Steve is a professional engineer who dreams of becoming as proficient in the wood working trades as the other facilitators.
Facilitator email(s): 
[email protected]
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